Thursday, December 9, 2010

General Update and tooting my horn.

Since my last post I have been hired on at which is a boutique content producer in Portland, Oregon that fucking rocks actually. There are many reasons why but one thing that stands out is I get paid to do what I love to and so does everyone else that works there.

What do I do there exactly? Well everyday is different but I would say I spend about 60% of my time editing video content for a few different exhibition formats starting with web as the majority. We do internals, film and smart phone / iPad content too. I've had my hands on shooting celebrity interviews in NYC, modeling and animating 3D assets, stop-motion animation, LOTS of After Effects, image manipulation, design, writing, technical direction, set and stage design, producing and even voice acting.
However, the way we delegate we work is: whoever is the most excited to do the work gets the work. MOST of the time the point person is the most experienced in what ever challenge / task there is. If something comes up you just say "I would love to do that" and your in. I like to get my hands on as much as possible but there is a lot of video to edit so I have to take care in what I choose. Now I'm not saying everyone walks into the office and just says "I'm going to do whatever I want." Everyone has several assigned daily, weekly, monthly etc tasks and we are expected to put our all into it.

The first month felt like bootcamp. Taking on an emergency edit while learning the workflow and just jumping in. It was a ton of hours - but don't be a pussy right? Part of it was the general excitement and the feeling of relief. I was out of work for a long time and never expected to get in with such a tight nit group. I did a 36 day run - staying the night at the office once waiting for color correction to render (Final Cut Studio 4 needs to be 64 bit NOW!!!!) and going solo on a promotional shoot at venues all over Portland many cool bands (driving my post supers truck).

As we stand now there are a lot of new jobs and challenges on the horizon - one being a pretty serious short - that I hope I get to work on. We just picked up a cool client that wants a ton of content some being regular everyday stuff and some being very cinematic.

All-in-all I couldn't be happier with the situation. I'm learning everyday - software, workflow, the biz and names. The coolest part is I got my dream - living and breathing creativity. There's nothing worse then waiting for the alarm to go off with that gut wrenching job hating feeling. No more, bye bye to all those shitty retailers I applied to. No more warehouse bullshit. No more job hate. I can't say it enough - dream job.

I owe a lot of people my gratitude for giving me the time of day. Giving me knowledge and helping me find out what I love and hate. The list is pretty damn long but the one person that directly recommended me for the job is Courtney Hermann. Thanks Courtney.

Tuesday, July 27, 2010

The Beerman Show

White Hot Robot presents Season 1 Episode 1 of The Beerman Show: Widmer Brothers Brewing Company. Enjoy!

Saturday, March 13, 2010

Here is a screen-o that I just took because Robi is in the shot, but I like that. It reminds you who your crew was and what happened that day. On the Hop Tour in Independence, Oregon Abe, Jaime, Jesse Larson and myself filmed for BEERMAN!

Wednesday, March 10, 2010

Beerman Graphics

Looky looky! The most reasonable
start on a title screen I have for the Beerman show yet. The idea is to have all the bottles slide in and clink together. Once a second draft is complete I will load it up.

Saturday, October 24, 2009

Ones and Zeros

On a personal note things are challenging as ever.

I have found that during times of duress I function better than if things are fine. Just to make it clear: I feel that a majority of my history things have been negative in some way. Now nothing seems to be wrong. Suddenly, my mental reactions to the usual situations are unusable and seem to be overcoming the consent pessimism. The negativity has been replaced with a small, super-white, square at the end of a dimly lit sewer pipe.

Why is this challenging? Because it is difficult to get used to. I have been using the time that normally would be used for senselessly searching for purpose, reason and acceptance for working towards many goals.

Somewhere in my dairy 4 years ago it says "One day I will be goal orientated." Probably regurgitation from some shitty "buy your new body in this cheap ass paperback from borders" fitness manual. Seriously, have you already forgotten to be positive?

... Whipping yourself for being positive does not work.

Just for the record: I do not consider the people around the world that make up the society of "the internet" as people of this earth. We have been searching for UFOs and sightings and every other horrible show on discovery or travel network that could easily be a better advertising vehicle and show "Beerman." The UFOs are all online.

Anyway, "Lets get going on Beerman", has been a common phrase I hear. "It's easy. I will get it there... It's not easy... I will get it. Ok- Dream big baby..."

"...Hail Mary Pass."